Kavita and Niraj had decided to take divorce because of the drawbacks found in each other's personality. Through DMIT Test,they could understood their strong and weak qualities, and Dr.Meeta could patch up the valley of relation of great depth by resolving doubts. Now they are living happily married life and waiting for new member in family!

DMIT guided Aakash to take admission in MBA with Finance as his logical and interpersonal intelligence is very high.

When Riya was in 9th Std., there was debate between parents and daughter about choosing her career after 10th std.DMIT Test showed that her Musical, Kinesthetic and Linguistic intelligence are high.These helped her to choose Classical Music and Dance field (B.A with Music and Dance).

Lack of concentration and extrinsic behavior of Soham made the teacher's life the worst. She complained to the parents and given warning for restriction of their child from school. Parents had no solution. The case has been studied by Dr. Meeta and she concluded thru DMIT Test that the child is extraordinary intelligent. He is classified in Eagle group having Kinesthetic Learning Style. Out of 9 Multiple Intelligences, his musical and logical intelligences are high. Due to this, it is difficult for Soham to sit at one place for study and mug up studies without understanding basic concept. The fact is kinesthetic learner likes to learn more thru partials, projects and in fun way. Similarly Eagle personalities are leaders and do not like to get interfere and dominated by others.Same child scored 45/50 after DMIT Testing & Counseling, before DMIT Test score was very poor 5/50.


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